Viola Everett is a 3rd Degree black belt; Master Certification in Yang 24; Master Certification in Chen 36; and Senior Trainer and certified instructor through Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health organization. She has been teaching for over 40 years. She is also a certified instructor of Choi Kwang Do. She holds a 2nd Degree black belt in Choi Kwang Do; and, a 3rd Degree black belt in Monroe Martial Arts, and has been an instructor of Martial Arts for many years.

In 2006, Viola found Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs It was a form of Tai chi that was safe and gentle and the answer to balancing her life. Viola knew she had found a life-long exercise that was enjoyable and that one would be able to do well into their senior years.

Viola & Dr. Lam2Viola now devotes her time and energy to teaching Tai Chi to those with health issues. She brings a wealth of talent and information to each class. Her method of teaching is safe, gentle and relaxed, and easy to learn. In Mrs. Everett’s classes you will receive both group and individual instruction. Coupled with the breathing exercises she shares, you will find you are more relaxed and calm throughout the day; and feeling healthier and stronger.

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Viola’s Tai Chi for Health Institute Profile

Instructors Name: Viola Everett
School:  Tai Chi Monroe
Suburb: Monroe
State: MI
Postcode: 48161
Country: United States
Phone: 734-243-1219
Instructor Profile: Viola Everett has 40 years of teaching experience. She holds the rank of 3rd Degree black belt which she obtain at the age of 62 and is certified as a Senior instructor of Choi Kwang Do. Viola has trained in nunchaku, sword, and cane forms. She continues her active lifestyle with an attitude of “living” life with positive energy. She started studying Tai Chi in 2006, and continues to stay educated and informed on the latest Tai Chi health benefits. Through her Senior Center she teaches TCA, Yang 24, Fall Prevention, and Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis. At her local Mall, she holds a lunch Tai Chi @ Work program for employees wishing to reduce their stress. Viola continues to study with Dan Jones to explore the depth of Chen. Forming a Chen 36 class at Monroe Martial Arts, she teaches to avid students. Her knowledge and expertise is well-known and respected within her local community
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  • Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor

  • Certified Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructor

  • Senior Trainer

  • Certified Tai Chi for Beginners Instructor

  • Certified Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor

  • Certified Tai Chi for Energy Instructor

  • Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis for Falls Prevention Instructor

  • Premier Instructor