Martial Application of Taiji Ch’uan Sun 73 Workshop

Facilitated by SENIOR TRAINER and  3rd Degree Black Belt Viola Everett 

Saturday, July 29, 2017, Monroe, Michigan at Monroe Tai Chi Studio, 148 N Monroe St, Monroe, MI.  Ever wonder what is the purpose of Leisurely Tying the Coat, Fare Lady, or Play the Lute?   Using the Sun 73 form, you will learn the martial purpose behind Sun-style movements. You will be able to recognize Xing Yi, T’i Chin, Chieh Chin energies (gathering, uproot, borrow), to name a few, and understand the basics of Intrinsic Energy. This workshop is chocked-full of useable information. Please bring your questions and come with an open mind.


REGISTRATION FOR Martial Application of Taiji Ch'uan Sun 73 Space is limited, register soon
Workshop Cost: $95 Registration Contact: Viola Everett (734) 770.5972
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Registration Deadline is Wed July 19, 2017, no refunds after deadline.